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Where to spend New Year's Eve in London 2019

From Indian feasts to fried chicken and champagne parties, we've rounded up the best places to eat and drink your way into 2020 in London. You are most welcome

Aqua Shard's recipe for buttermilk pancakes with clotted cream ice cream

Pancakes! Has there ever been anything else as simple that tastes as good? Load 'em up with anything you fancy, but this year, we're hankering after clotted cream ice cream and blueberry compote à la Aqua Shard

South-east London

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Local Heroes: London's biggest and best supper clubs

We love restaurants, but sometimes, it's nice to go into a big room full of people you don't know, make some new friends, drink cocktails and eat great food.

The Foodism 100: Best Food Market 2019

The Best Food Market category celebrates farmers' markets, street-food venues and spaces designed to house pop-up traders and businesses

London's most beautiful restaurants

Sometimes, it's not just all about what's on your plate – surroundings need to be equally appetising. Happily, these restaurants all look good enough to eat

Regional Chinese food and where to find it in London

There's a hell of a lot more to Chinese food than sweet and sour. Let us guide you through the country's regional cuisines and where to try them in the capital

Make Casa do Frango's African-inspired green rice

This recipe from piri piri chicken experts Casa do Frango for green rice makes for an excellent vegetarian-friendly side dish.

South-west London

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