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Ollie Templeton: My Career in Five Dishes

As it approaches its fifth birthday, Marylebone mainstay Carousel is a restaurant whose mission statement is as unrivalled as ever. We meet head chef Ollie Templeton, and survey the five dishes that have defined the journey so far

Peckham's cutting-edge boutique knifemaker Blenheim Forge

The founders of Blenheim Forge made their first kitchen knife in the back garden of their Peckham home. It took two years of trying and failing to make anything as good again, but it was worth the wait

Q&A: Gill Meller on sustainability at home and in the food industry

As a veteran of Devon's River Cottage, Gill Meller knows a thing or two about sustainability. Here he tells us how easy it can be to be sustainable in the city

Growing Underground: below the surface of London's subterranean farm

There's a farm in Clapham North. Don't believe us? You'd be forgiven for that, because this particular agricultural enclave is actually underground. We get under the skin of the matter...

Looking for the best coffee in London? Power up at 12 of Foodism's favourite spots

Skip the average cups of joe forevermore at the likes of Caravan, Tap and Monmouth Coffee

Thinking outside the box: the enduring appeal of London's chocolate shops

London's appetite for all things cocoa-based is becoming ever more refined. One self-confessed chocolate addict explores the rise and rise of the artisan chocolate shop...

The Foodism Christmas Gift Guide: 22 must-have Christmas gifts for 2019

Aka, the gifts that you can eat or drink, as they're the greatest gifts of all. Fact. Here’s our guide to some of the tastiest around

Meet four champions of the farm-to-table dining movement

Farm-to-table dining isn't just a flash in the pan. From Dan Barber to Simon Rogan, we meet four success stories proving that the future of food is in hyperlocal produce and sensitively reared animals

Food and break-ups: how relationships influence the way we eat

Break-ups can trigger an entirely new relationship: the way we interact with food. We look at the different roles that eating can play in the wake of heartbreak

16 of the best sustainable restaurants in London

Want to feel less guilty about going out to eat while the planet around us falls apart at its seams? Make sure your breakfast, lunch or dinner is sustainable by visiting one of our favourite eco-conscious restaurants in London