Be Different

In collaboration with

Wild Alaska Seafood

Three chefs. Three recipes. One outstanding product. The home of the Be Different campaign, in association with Wild Alaska Seafood

There are many reasons why London’s restaurant scene has a case for being one of the best and most exciting in the world. And one of the most convincing is the appetite chefs in the city have for doing things differently; for looking at the food they cook and the restaurants they run in truly distinctive and innovative ways.

Nud Dudhia, Manu Canales and Neil Rankin are all fine examples of this. Between them, they capture the essence of what makes the city such an amazing one to eat in: being unafraid to take risks with flavour and technique, and combining influences from all over the world to create their own unique style of cooking.

In these three videos, created in collaboration with Wild Alaska Seafood, we challenged each of them to create an innovative recipe with Wild Alaska Pollock, a beautiful, flaky white fish, sustainably line-caught in cold Alaskan waters, and kept frozen for maximum freshness. Their dishes – and their distinctive styles of cooking – each exemplify what’s it’s like to cook without boundaries, and to be unafraid to be different.

Check out the recipes below