Welcome to Foodism's #SustainabilitySpecial

Sustainability matters to us and it matters to readers like you. It matters to masses of people involved in the food and drinks industry. It matters that there are people out there trying to fix a global food system that's got wildly out of shape – where all too often both the people and the environment are ill-served, to put it mildly.

We think the stories behind those driving for change are some of the best we've ever featured. From the soft drinks brand improving lives in Sierra Leone to those doing miraculous things with surplus produce that would otherwise be binned, these are stories about people who want a better world and better food and drink.

After all, as one of the experts we spoke to put it: sustainable food is what consumers want and expect now – and not because it's trendy. "Provenance is king, waste is evil, and people won't stomach staff being treated badly." How's that for a mission statement?