Clare Finney

Clare Finney


Clare is a food journalist, Londoner and cheese lover. In 2019 she won the Fortnum & Mason Food Writing Award for her work with Foodism and Market Life, Borough Market's magazine. When she's not in Borough Market, she’s in Neal's Yard Dairy; if she's not there, she’s in Quo Vadis: writing and trying to resist the lure of a margarita, straight up with a salt rim.

Clare Finney's articles

Is the future of the dairy industry a sustainable one?

Amid questions about milk alternatives’ eco credentials, the dairy industry’s future is being driven by regenerative agriculture and increasingly high-quality products

Meet the female food producers breaking gender stereotypes in male-dominated industries

In today's increasingly artisanal food industry, women are leading the way in intuitive production methods, writes Clare Finney

Quelle fromage: building the perfect Christmas cheeseboard

Is there any better post-dinner indulgence than a cheeseboard? Clare Finney shares with us her guide to building the perfect festive fromage platter

Be my guest: the rise in chef residencies in London and beyond

Once a trend, guest chef nights in restaurants are becoming an integral part of the fabric of dining. Clare Finney meets some of those leading the way in residencies

The chefs and farmers rearing and cooking with retired animals

Over the last decade, a quiet revolution has been happening in the world of meat, as farmers give a longer life to former working animals and chefs get inventive with them in restaurant kitchens. Clare Finney meets the movement’s most vocal exponents

North of the border: Exploring the growth of modern Scottish food

Scotland boasts some of the world’s best produce, but why is it only just appearing our plates? A proud half-Scot reports on the chefs looking to boost the cuisine's reputation beyond fried Mars bars and haggis

Land and sea: the history of salt and pepper

Salt and pepper have been a staple of our diets for centuries and have the power to uplift dishes, transform ingredients and satisfy our palates. It's time to give them the credit they deserve

Can – and should – we replace imported ingredients with our natural larder?

With foraged food now tipping into the mainstream, we meet the chefs making use of the British countryside to replace the ingredients usually imported from countries across the globe

Going local: the joy of the neighbourhood restaurant

In the wake of a global pandemic and two lockdowns, the neighbourhood restaurants plays an increasingly important role

Food and break-ups: how relationships influence the way we eat

Break-ups can trigger an entirely new relationship: the way we interact with food. We look at the different roles that eating can play in the wake of heartbreak

Why the future of gin is looking brighter than ever

The rise in the number of gin distilleries – and drinkers – in the UK and beyond has been swift and massive, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon. We investigate the enduring appeal of the spirit of the decade

How wild fermentation is changing the way you eat and drink

Wild fermentation is having a moment. From beer to kimchi, wine to cheese, the UK's food and drink artisans are harnessing naturally occurring yeast and age-old techniques to unlock new flavours. We take a deep dive into the weird and wonderful world of wild fermentation.

London coffee culture's Antipodean roots

Ask a Londoner and they'll tell you our coffee scene is among the best in the world. But ask an Australian or a Kiwi and they'll say it all started from there

Is there such a thing as 'London pizza'?

It's become a steadfast staple of the capital's eating out scene, but what defines a 'London pizza'? We meet the people breaking with tradition to create slices that are a real reflection of our city

James Lowe on Lyle's, sustainability and simple common sense

The chef-patron of Lyle's is a chef combining a natural environmental streak with an operation increasingly based on pure common sense to run a truly sustainable operation

Clear as crystal: the decades-old traditions of Maldon sea salt

The Maldon Salt Company’s sea salt is adored by world-famous chefs and home cooks alike. Here's how it's made

Tracking the evolution of the hotel restaurant in London and beyond

The days of hotel restaurants existing solely as the drab domain of weary travellers are long gone. Nowadays, they're a destination for anyone who wants to eat well. But what is it that makes the good ones a success?

Meet London's urban winemakers

We all know that London drinks a lot of wine, but creating it in the capital is something new. We explore the people and places behind London's nascent winemaking movement

What's behind London's love affair with dumplings

Soft and fluffy, filled-to-bursting or light and delicate – in whatever guise, the humble dumpling has gone from comfort food staple to cult status

Meet the food and drink charities giving back at Christmas time

We uncover the people behind the social enterprises and food-led campaigns that support those in need at Christmas, and find out how you can help, too