The Foodism 100

Welcome to the Foodism 100

The third annual Foodism 100 celebrates the venues and businesses creating positive change in London's food scene. What does that mean? Well, all manner of things, from environmental sustainability through careful sourcing and transparent supply chains, to using food and drink to combat homelessness in London or help ex-offenders get a second chance through food and drink. Then there are the people creating initiatives to make sure the industry provides a welcoming, stable environment for the next generation of hospitality professionals, and much more.

Released in January 2020, the Foodism 100 list will be split into the Best Bar, Best Café or Bakery, Best Casual Restaurant, Best Fine-Dining Restaurant, Best Food Market, Best Pub or Taproom, Best Pop-Up or Initiative, Best Social Enterprise, Best Street-Food Trader and Positive Change Hero categories.

We hope to see you at the awards night on 25 March at Old Spitalfields Market, where we'll have a massive party to celebrate this year's Foodism 100, and crown our category winners in an exclusive industry awards ceremony alongside our partners and friends.


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