In 1994, in the basement of the former Spanish ambassador's residence in Piccadilly, something special happened in London – the first Gaucho restaurant opened. Born from a deep admiration for Argentina, it's vibrant people, captivating lifestyle, rich culture and renowned culinary heritage, the steakhouse drew inspiration from the enchanting gaucho (Argentinian cowboy) way of life and the country's reputation for cooking exceptional steak. 

The idea was to bring the essence of modern Argentina to London – serving the world's finest, carbon-neutral steaks alongside Latin American cuisine and the UK's most extensive selection of indigenous Malbec wines. It obviously worked, too. Thirty years on, the group has 20 restaurants; 8 in the capital and a further twelve around the rest of England, Wales and Scotland. 

The reasons for the restaurant group's enduring presence and growth in London and beyond are tenfold, as our editor Nick Savage discovered on a trip to Argentina last year with the CEO Martin Williams. Visiting some of their 30 partner farms, we got a front row seat to their initiatives, which include working with a group of scientists and agronomists called The Carbon Group to measure the carbon footprint of their cattle from birth to plate, and how they can best mitigate these levels to ensure the steaks they serve in London are not only of the highest quality, but also serving the environment, too. 

Williams and his team are just as involved in the wine you wash those steaks down with. From boundary-pushing female winemakers in Mendoza to community vineyards in Alpasión, the wine list at Gaucho is carefully crafted by head sommelier Marina Diaz to reflect the restaurant's ethos as much as possible, and continue bringing that delicious slice of Argentina to the UK. 

Martin Williams, Gaucho CEO, says "For three decades, Gaucho has been at the heart of bringing the vibrant flavours and rich culinary traditions of Argentina and Latin America to the UK. As we celebrate this milestone, we are excited to reintroduce some of our most loved dishes, offering our guests a nostalgic flavour of our journey. This anniversary menu is not just a tribute to our past but a celebration of our continued commitment to excellence in Argentine cuisine."

From July 1 to 15 Gaucho will be serving a special nostalgic menu featuring some of the group's iconic dishes from the last 30 years. To book a table visit