When we asked our incomprehensibly knowledgeable bartender at a whisky bar in Edinburgh what to expect from the Balblair 1999, we were told "pineapple – but the cores, not the flesh". (We told you he was knowledgeable.)

If the 1999 goes big on the tropical notes, especially on the nose, its new-born cousin the 2005 (1st Release), is all about banana. It's a heady, pungent, but not overpowering nose, the standout aromas of which mellow nicely on the palate, giving way to luxuriant toffee and caramel flavours. Add in a rich, malty, biscuity finish, and you've got what's essentially the most subtle, refined banoffee pie you could hope to taste, in liquid form.

£41.75; thewhiskyexchange.com. For more info: balblair.com