When you think back to your school days, do you remember being taught where the apple in your snack box and the wrinkly peas on your dinner plate came from? No, probably not. But if you could, would you go back and change all that? We know we would, which is why we and our team of expert judges believe that Stephanie Wood's initiative to help schoolchildren across the UK reconnect with their food isn't just worth celebrating – it's worth awarding, too. Here's why...

What is it?

School Food Matters was set up by Woods in 2007. Simply put, it's a grassroots charity that wants children to eat well and eat better. Almost four million children in the UK live in poverty and as a result go to school hungry. Part of SFM's vital work involves trying to make sure that doesn't happen.SFM gets straight to the matter, working with schools and councils to improve the standard, affordability and sustainability of school dinners. Woods wants schoolchildren to understand what they're eating and where it comes from, so SFM not only works behind the scenes to influence policymaking and advise schools on best practice, it also runs hands-on events such as its Young Marketeers activity day at Borough Market and The Honey Bee programme with Whole Foods' Whole Kids Foundation, which is designed to raise awareness of the vital importance of honey bees in food.

How can I support them?

You can support School Food Matters by donating at schoolfoodmatters.org/donate.