Bone marrow smoked over vine

Literally just smoke it until soft – I like to add a bit of ground Sichuan pepper – and swipe liberally onto bread.

Hispi cabbage brushed with rendered beef fat

The best side dish ever! Chop into quarters, brush with fat (either leftover from winter roasts or from your butcher), then cook until caramelised.

Celeriac shawarma

This is something we've had in development for ages. We cover celeriac in foil and cook at about 160°C in a Big Green Egg until slightly soft. Then we peel it, slice thinly, build it up on a stick and glaze in a reduction of smoked onion, roasted celery and barley malt. We then keep glazing and turning the kebabs over the heat. The texture is soft and the coating is sweet and sticky.

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If you can hang a duck over your fire or roast in a Big Green Egg or a drum-based barbecue, you're onto a winner. I salt the skin for a day and then cook at 250°C for five mins; then close off the oxygen vent to bring it down to 160°C and cook for a further 15 mins; take off the legs and leave them in the BBQ to relax and braise. Leave the meat on the crown. Once cooked, slice the breasts off the crown – they'll be super blush – and shred the legs. Serve this with some wonderful fresh cherries and maybe some almonds for texture.


I had these years ago and it's something I will always remember: whole strawberries grilled then brushed in rum, served with a little clotted cream, cold custard or even ice cream. A total belter for the summer heat.

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