Are you partial to a dram? We are. And our friends at The Whisky Exchange certainly are. To them, whisky isn't just a drink; it's a vibrant community that spans the globe. This sentiment lies at the heart of the We Are Whisky campaign that the specialist retailer is launching, a tribute to the diverse individuals who contribute to today's whisky culture. From makers and educators to writers and bartenders, and every whisky lover in between, the campaign celebrates the shared passion that unites enthusiasts worldwide.

The campaign launch heralds a series of stories from The Whisky Exchange's dedicated staff and their friends in the industry, inviting whisky lovers worldwide to share their own experiences that have shaped their love for the spirit. Through social media channels and the hashtag #WeAreWhisky, enthusiasts are encouraged to join the conversation, sharing their stories of passion and what whisky means to them.

But the celebration doesn't stop there. The Whisky Exchange's We Are Whisky campaign extends throughout the year and beyond, with a calendar of activities designed to inspire the whisky community to continue sharing their stories and actively engage with the campaign. It's a testament to the enduring spirit of camaraderie that defines whisky culture – a culture built on the shared love for a timeless drink.

Whisky 24 hours

As part of this celebration, whisky aficionados are invited to mark their calendars for an extraordinary event: The Whisky Exchange's Whisky 24 Hours. Taking place on 18th May 2024, this marathon event promises 24 hours of nonstop whisky fun, featuring some of the biggest names in the whisky world. From whisky club members to makers, producers, bartenders, and influencers, participants from around the globe will come together via live stream to revel in their shared passion.

Hosted by renowned TV presenter and Glassmates co-founder Ortis Deley, along with Dawn Davies MW and The Whisky Exchange's brand ambassador Billy Abbott, Whisky 24 Hours offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts and industry experts. With sessions freely accessible on YouTube and Facebook and no sign-up necessary, whisky lovers can immerse themselves in a whirlwind of tastings, discussions, and behind-the-scenes insights.

For those eager to participate fully, Perfect Measure tasting sets are available for purchase at The Whisky Exchange's website. With these sets, you'll be able to follow along each tasting from the comfort of your own home, or with your own whisky-loving friends. Each tasting set includes a 3cl bottle of each expression, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive whisky experience.

Whether you're a seasoned whisky connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of whisky, The Whisky Exchange's Whisky 24 Hours live event promises fun for everyone. It's a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and above all, the enduring sense of community that unites whisky enthusiasts worldwide. Join The Whisky Exchange on May 18, 2024, as we raise a glass to the global whisky community and toast to the timeless spirit of #WeAreWhisky. To join part of the campaign, continue sharing your stories, expanding your knowledge, and celebrating the remarkable journey that whisky takes us on.

Cheers to the shared passion that unites us all.