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Flavour of the Week: Q Grill

Described as "Memphis, Tennessee meets farm-to-grill meets Camden Town", Q Grill is the latest American style cookhouse to challenge Stables Market as Camden's

Grey Goose and London's best bars join forces for bloody mary brilliance

Spice up your bloody marys with a splash of Grey Goose

Like chocolate and bourbon? Sample them together with this cocktail from M Restaurants

Got a sweet tooth? Indulge it with this chocolatey bourbon cocktail from M Restaurants

For barbecue, beer and plenty of local flavour, head to South Carolina

You've eaten American barbecue in London and loved it, now head to its birthplace – South Carolina

Make a classic Brazilian dish – spicy, sour and sweet curry xinxim

No, we don't know how to pronounce it either. This Brazilian curry (Pele's favourite, doncha know) combines Portugese, African and Native American influences to make a truly delicious dish.