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Make Dishoom’s okra fries

This recipe from 'Dishoom: From Bombay with Love' makes for an excellent starter or side that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again

Mondo Good Harvest Festival

Mondo is hosting a mini-festival of beer on 9 November, featuring street food from the likes of Dishoom and 10 Greek Street

Saturday 9 November 2019

5 of London's best Christmas menus

The traditional turkey Christmas dinner is old news; here are some of the London restaurants putting their own slant on the festive meal – with utterly delicious results

Lost Village festival announces its food line up for 2018

Modern Indian restaurant Dishoom joins a mouthwatering food line up at the Lincolnshire-based music festival

5 more of our favourite social enterprises

Good food doesn't mean much if you don't give a fork about where it comes from or who makes it. Lucky, then, that these cafés and restaurants are more than simply somewhere to grab a bite to eat, they're also social enterprises

How good restaurant chains stay on top of their game

Not all chain restaurants are bad news, it's just that only a few of them actually get it right. We ask those who've managed it to reveal the secrets of their success

5 of London's best bacon sarnies to save your sorry soul

It's the morning after the night before, and there's only one way that you're going to get through it… Here's where to get the finest bacon baps, sarnies and, er, naans in the capital

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Because is there anything you'd rather do than go to a pizza festival and try out the new breakfast menu at Dishoom?

Mondo Brewing Company, Battersea: brewery review

Battersea's Mondo Brewing Company brings experimental craft beer to a South West London industrial estate, and you can try it all in the taproom

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Not only are there a load of new vegan menus out there to help you get through Veganuary, but there's plenty of soft launches to help you get through the back to work blues, too