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Make The Hand and Flowers' classic negroni with Bolney Rosso

An English take on an Italian classic: give two Michelin starred pub The Hand and Flowers' collaboration with English vineyard Bolney Wine Estate's rosso vermouth negroni a spin at home

A recipe for the Big Shot Negroni from Aqua Kyoto

We know we don't have to tell you, but it's National Negroni Week this week, and to celebrate, we've got a knockout recipe for you

Make Half Hitch gin's signature white negroni

This is a great alternative to the classic negroni to have in the locker. Made with Half Hitch gin, Cocchi Americano vermouth and Suze, it's light, tangy and refreshing

Make Pachamama's twist on the negroni, the Rosa del Inca

Vermouth, and the negroni in particular, is enjoying something of a renaissance lately. Join in the fun with this recipe from Pachamama

Campari's Pumpkin Spiced Negroni

Looking for a clever way to bring a bit of autumn into one of your favourite cocktails? Check out this winning recipe from Campari brand ambassador Joe St Clair Ford

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David J Constable


David is a freelance writer, mostly covering food and travel, who is slowing killing his liver and expanding his waistline one negroni and Sunday roast at a time. He is keen on adventure and journeying through unfamiliar territory and is an unbalanced and deranged (but totally committed) coffee addict. Prefers typewriters to computers, books to Kindles and Bruce Springsteen to anyone. Afraid of roller coasters and frogs.


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Mike Gibson


Mike was born to eat and drink, so it's lucky he's editor of Foodism. His favourite cocktail is a negroni, his favourite wines are from California, his favourite spirit is whisky (with and without the 'e') and his favourite food probably changes too often to list. Maybe pizza. In what little other free time he has, he withstands being routinely disappointed at the home of his beloved Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Flavour of the Week: Mele e Pere

Hungry in Soho? A negroni or two and some outstanding Italian small plates at vermouth bar and trattoria Mele e Pere won't steer you wrong