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The personal stories of people who've left corporate jobs to follow their passion of making great food and drink

Make Diplomático's Ensemble cocktail

This cocktail was inspired by Henry, the founder of Sir Plus clothing and one of Diplomático's diplomats of a new era, and created by Jon Hughes of Edinburgh's Bramble bar

Cognac: shining the light on this famed French spirit

A trip to four very different cognac houses shows how a spirit born of tradition is entering a new era

Taste of London: Winter Food Festival

Taste of London is back once again its Winter Food Festival 2019, featuring great street food, chef demos, masterclasses, and more.

Thursday 21 November 2019 - Sunday 24 November 2019

Introducing Jenny Costa, Diplomat of a New Era 2017

Diplomático rum's second Diplomat of a New Era 2017 is entrepreneur Jenny Costa, founder of innovative condiment brand Rubies in the Rubble

Make this Lion of Soho cocktail using King of Soho's gin

Some of the best cocktails are simple. That's certainly true of this citrusy number from distiller The King of Soho, with a select few ingredients combining to make something zingy, sour and sippable. Check out the recipe

Richard H Turner’s column: on the plight of the orangutans in Borneo

A trip to Borneo offers Richard H Turner a stark reminder of the damage done by the palm oil trade

Rediscover the pleasures of potato vodka with Luksusowa Vodka

The simple and smooth taste of potato vodka is brought to life by Luksusowa Vodka – one of Poland's oldest and most premium distillers of the popular spud-based spirit

Make Ruby's Boiler Mary

Give the classic boilermaker a Deep South twist with the smoky flavour of Tabasco

Discover Malta: A European Destination of Excellence

The Maltese capital of Valletta is European Capital of Culture 2018, but there's so much more to explore – here's a look at some of the amazing archipelago's hidden gems