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Eleanor Ford's baklava baked apples

Sweet, spiced parcels, inspired by Uzbeki cuisine – perfect for dessert or an afternoon snack

Learning to make booze with fruit at Cornwall's Eden Project

There's a whole lot of fruit in Britain that's waiting to be turned into alcohol. We head to Cornwall's Eden project for a lesson in apple alchemy

London's best food delivered to your door with

Whether it's just-caught Norfolk sea trout, juicy Jazz apples from small farms or handmade sourdough, fresh, small-scale produce always tastes better, and now it's got a delivery service to match

Make José Pizarro's apple tatin with honey ice cream

Served with salted honey ice cream, this take on the classic French dessert is a sticky and delicious late-afternoon treat

The Foodism guide to... Bristol and Bath

Food-hopping, UK-style. Here we check out the eating, drinking and sleeping in Bristol and Bath

5 ways to reduce your plastic usage in London

Finding it difficult to erase images of the Great Pacific garbage patch from your mind? Alleviate the burden by making a few eco-friendly changes to your city lifestyle

Nine Lives, Bermondsey: bar review

In Bermondsey's Nine Lives, a sustainable ethos meets a drinks list chock-full of innovation a stone's throw from London Bridge

Mam Sham's Mince Pie'd Christmas Cocktail

Like the sound of a mince pie infused cocktail with an IRL mince pie on top, to boot? Yep, thought so. Here's how to concoct Mam Sham's vodka-based cocktail from the comfort of your home

Make Natasha MacAller's roast lamb with turmeric and cumin

The intense flavour of slow-roast lamb gets lifted by earthy, aromatic turmeric and cumin

Ever heard of emission free food transportation? Here's why pirate ships might be the future of food

Companies like Fairtransport may be making food miles a positive thing thanks to smart plans to move food across oceans emission free