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Make Lanes of London's beef brisket sliders

If you thought sliders were a 20-minute meal, think again. These from Lanes of London are made of beef brisket covered in panko breadcrumbs – not one for the time-poor, but well worth the effort


From thick-as-you-like beef patties to 100% plant-based fake meat burgs, scroll Foodism's favourite buns across the Capital.

Gridiron Guests: Turner & George

Kicking off 2020 with a bang, Gridiron by COMO is hosting the next dinner in its "Gridiron Guests" series, partnering with Turner & George butchery for a beef speakeasy

Wednesday 15 January 2020 at 18:00 - 22:00

Going behind the trend of long ageing in the world of high-end beef

For extreme beef flavour, it’s all about age. We find out why dry-ageing and older cows have become catnip for adventurous eaters


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Yeo Valley's beef and barley cottage pie

Rescue leftover mince from the icy depths of your freezer with this hearty, warming recipe from Yeo Valley

Something for the weekend: beef with prunes by Fernandez & Wells

Here's a recipe for a casserole that'll warm your soul as the winter draws in, with the depth and intensity of beef, dried fruit and wine

Make DJ BBQ’s DJ BBQ burger

This burger from barbecue specialist DJ BBQ contains a mix of different cuts of beef and is the perfect carnivore accompaniment to a summer’s day. Vegans and vegetarians look away now…