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Paxton & Whitfield takes over The Cheese Bar

Cheese merchants Paxton & Whitfield are taking over The Cheese Bar at Seven Dials Market for one night of fromage-packed festivities

Wednesday 27 November 2019 at 18:00 - 22:00

A Frenchman's guide to English cheese

Michel Roux Jr and Nicolas Pasquier of Roux at the Landau may be French but they're both lovers of English cheese. Here are five of the best English cheeses to check out

Make Florence Cherruault's quick grilled cheese toastie garnish

This speedy grilled cheese toastie makes for the ultimate hangover-busting Bloody Mary cocktail garnish

London's best food and drink trolleys

Move over cheese (actually don't, but step aside temporarily): the trolleys at these restaurants are full of surprises

Weapons of Choice: Say cheese

Roullier White Cheese Board Set, £30This set from Roullier White is a cheese board with a difference: as well as coming with a lovely pair of knives, it's prin

Make José Pizarro's grilled red chicory, clementine and goat's cheese salad

Who says salads are for summer? This dish from tapas king José Pizarro uses seasonal ingredients for a fresh yet satisfying meal

Meet the makers: London's artisan cheeses

Forget old caves and rolling fields – we meet four artisans proving that, when it comes to making cheese, London’s landscape works just as well

Dairy tales: the story behind the making of French cheese Comté

On a trip to Jura, France, we discover that Comté, the mild, nutty hard cheese, is the result of hard graft, longstanding tradition, and some magnificent cows

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Aged five, Amy asked a bemused waiter for her melon starter to be served with a raspberry coulis (it was the 80s, FYI, raspberry coulis was having a moment). Aged 12, she ‘wrote’ her own cookbook, comprised of recipes she’d copied and ‘edited’ from magazines, scribbled in lovingly crafted bubble writing. Nearly two decades later, she has judged at the International Cheese Awards, been nominated by the Guild of Food writers in the ‘Best Food Writer’ category, hunted elk and wild salmon in Swedish Lapland and tested the effect of altitude on taste at 32,000ft. She is evangelical about the joys of only three things: coffee, cheese and pasta; and although she now uses a laptop through necessity, her bubble writing is still top notch.