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Make Izy Hossack's double chocolate cookies with a pistachio crumb

Soft, rich and melt-in-your-mouth, Izy Hossack's double chocolate cookies swap flour for kidney beans to create tasty, budget-friendly, gluten-free treats

Make Alexandra Dudley's peanut butter and cacao nib cookies

Dunk these moreish peanut butter cookies in a cup of milk Yorkshire tea and a job's a good 'un. They're perfect for elevenses or as a mid-afternoon snack

Happy Hour: Two Christmas tipples

Just in time for Christmas, bar mogul Drake & Morgan pops up with a couple of a couple of crackers

Make these Maryland crab cakes

If the name Maryland makes you think of cookies, we're ashamed of you. Educate yourself by making these Maryland crab cakes

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Vegan brunch sounds good, right? How about a mac 'n' cheese collab between The Cheese Bar and bubbledogs? What about free cookies? There's all that and more edible goodness going on this weekend...

6 of our favourite social enterprise cafés

These cafés do more than serve brilliant food and coffee – they give back to the community, too

5 ways to reduce your plastic usage in London

Finding it difficult to erase images of the Great Pacific garbage patch from your mind? Alleviate the burden by making a few eco-friendly changes to your city lifestyle

Make Henrietta Inman's hazelnut and dark chocolate baci

As naturally delicious as they are gluten-free, these Italian-inspired biscuits make the perfect foil to a proper cup of steaming hot coffee

Foodism's pick: 25 best places to eat vegan food in London

Our pick of London's best vegan restaurants and street-food traders going the extra mile to prove plant-based eating is anything but boring