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How wild fermentation is changing the way you eat and drink

Wild fermentation is having a moment. From beer to kimchi, wine to cheese, the UK's food and drink artisans are harnessing naturally occurring yeast and age-old techniques to unlock new flavours. We take a deep dive into the weird and wonderful world of wild fermentation.

Q&A: The Dairy's Robin Gill on new restaurant Counter Culture and the Home Grown supper club

Counter Culture and collaboration: The Dairy's co-founder Robin Gill tells us about his new restaurant and supper club

Method in the madness: reinventing fermentation and fika in Skåne, Sweden

There's something brewing in Skåne, Sweden – a food and drink movement driven by an experimental ethos and scientific attention to detail

The rise and rise of sourdough baking

The popularity of sourdough is at an all-time high. We dive into what makes it so special, after spending an afternoon judging at the World Bread Awards

A wining and dining guide to South Africa's Cape Winelands

The wines coming out of South Africa's beautiful Cape Winelands region are innovative and impressive, and there's a food scene to match

Untitled, Dalston: restaurant and tasting menu review

Here's why you need to head to Dalston to try Untitled bar and restaurant's exclusive, five-course Japanese-inspired tasting menu next month

4 of the best pizza places in Soho

Dough, tomato sauce and oodles of cheese and other toppings. Sounds gross, right? WRONG. And here are some of the best places in Soho to prove just that. You're welcome

Meet London's urban winemakers

We all know that London drinks a lot of wine, but creating it in the capital is something new. We explore the people and places behind London's nascent winemaking movement