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Food waste

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Tom Hunt explains how to make the most of local markets, bulk-buy stores and health food shops to reduce food waste

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Eight steps to zero waste: bulk-buying and co-ops

In the third installment of his column on living waste-free, chef Tom Hunt tackles bulk-buying through co-ops

Eight steps to zero food waste: cooking without recipes

In the latest instalment of Tom Hunt's handy guide to waste-free living, he takes on cooking without recipes

A guide to London's zero-waste restaurants

Thoughtful restaurants going to every length possible to ensure the least amount of waste

Sustainability in numbers: the facts and figures behind the global food crisis

Whether it's food waste, sourcing or the very significant issue of keeping our growing population fed, here are some facts that demonstrate why we need to act, now

The London businesses making waves in the food-waste world

We meet the visionaries transforming surplus food into something scrumptious