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Make Farmdrop's rolled lamb breast with wild garlic

Planning your Sunday lunch? The wild garlic oil in Farmdrop's Springtime lamb dish brings a fresh and fragrant edge to the sweet caramelised shallots, making it a satisfying – but not too indulgent – way to round off the week

Make Natasha MacAller's roast lamb with turmeric and cumin

The intense flavour of slow-roast lamb gets lifted by earthy, aromatic turmeric and cumin

Make The Ninth's lamb with a rosemary salt crust

How do you make rich, juicy lamb meat even better? By giving it a rosemary salt crust, that's how. Jun Tanaka, we salute you


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Ed Smith's lamb chops with cacio e pepe white beans

Lamb chops meet their match in a belly-warming plate of cheesy white beans, pepped up with greens, for a comforting, calming dinner

Gunpowder’s Maa's Kashmiri Lamb Chops

A whole rack of lamb is transformed into a vibrant and interesting meal with this recipe from London institution Gunpowder

Keema Gotala's lamb mince and scrambled egg toastie

You've never had a toastie quite like this. Keema Gotala translates as spiced lamb mince and scrambled egg – it's brunch, but not as you know it. Click here for the recipe from Cinnamon Soho

Make Joudie Kalla's Palestinian-style fatayer

These pomegranate-studded spiced lamb parcels take a bit of practice, but once you've got the hang of it they come together in minutes. You can thank us later

Knockout Andhra-style lamb masala from Michelin-starred Trishna

Put that jar away – round here, we make curries properly. Try this killer recipe for Andhra-style lamb masala from Trishna and Gymkhana's executive chef Rohit Ghai.