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London's best dry martini bars

The dry martini is a sacred drink, and when it's made right, there are few better. Here are our favourite shrines to it in the capital

Blixen's raw ginger martini with Our/London vodka

Give your martini a healthy(ish) twist with punchy raw ginger

Happy Hour: V Chilli Martini

Have you ever tried chillis in a cocktail? It's one of those things that probably shouldn't work but just, well, does. The sweet, sour tang of sugar and citrus

Make Simone Caporale's Savile Row martini for Sartoria

Simone Caporale left Artesian last year – but fear not, as you can make one of his perfectly balanced cocktails at home with this martini recipe

Make James Bond's official martini for Spectre

We all know James Bond loves a martini with Belvedere vodka – and now you can learn to make Erik Lorincz's official cocktail

Stevie Parle's spaghetti alle vongole with Martini Riserva Speciale Ambrato

To celebrate World Pasta Day, Stevie Parle collaborated with MARTINI on a classic Italian recipe with a twist alongside the Piedmontese Fizz cocktail, available at Palatino until 10 November

Make Dickie Fitz's Tim Tam martini

Tim Tams: not just for dipping in tea or coffee. Try this cocktail from Fitzrovia's Dickie Fitz for a thoroughly grown-up take on your favourite childhood drink

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Jon is Foodism's editor-in-chief, and a man who'll do (almost) anything and go (almost) anywhere for a dry-aged rib-eye. Ask him nicely and he'll talk for hours about the optimum martini ratio (5:1, if you're interested) – ask him even more nicely and he'll shut up about it. When he's not full of steak or gin, you'll mostly find him on his bike.


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