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A knockout recipe for Ibérico pork cheeks from Pizarro

If tender pork, stewed for hours and served with garlic mash and broccoli spears doesn't sound like your kind of thing, we won't judge you. But if it does, you're our kind of reader. See below for the recipe from Jose Pizarro's Pizarro restaurant

Make Matty Matheson's pork chop with maple Jack Daniel’s bacon sauce

What's better than a juicy pork chop? How about one that's smothered in a maple bacon sauce? Chef and restaurateur Matty Matheson would agree

Make Omar Allibhoy's mashed potatoes with crispy pork belly

Omar Allibhoy, founder of Tapas revolution, shares his recipe for moreish crunchy pork crackling and comforting mash – an irresistible combination

Luiz Hara's triple-cooked pork belly with spicy sauce

Luiz Hara is one of the foremost authorities on Nikkei cuisine in London. Check out a great recipe for Nikkei-inspired pork belly from his forthcoming book

Andy Oliver's stir-fried hispi cabbage with oyster mushrooms and crispy pork

Not sure how to get stuck into 2016's most hipster ingredient, hispi cabbage? Som Saa's Andy Oliver gives it a Thai twist

A tart twist on pork loin from Clapham's Trinity

Kumquats belong in your dinner as well as in your shampoo bottle. Try them in this recipe for roast pork loin

Make Healthyish's cumin pork cutlets

Sunshine yellow butternut squash and crunchy quick-pickled red onions provide vibrant contrast to tender pork cutlets, infused with cumin and smoky paprika


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