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London's best food and drink trolleys

Move over cheese (actually don't, but step aside temporarily): the trolleys at these restaurants are full of surprises


Hands-on, first-person reviews of restaurants, bars, hotels and more from London, the UK and abroad from Foodism's team of writers


Our hand-selected lists of London's best restaurants, bars and venues, and hands-on guides to London's most vibrant neighbourhoods


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 Looking for the best restaurants in London? Here's your guide to the best places to eat and drink in London's most vibrant neighbourhoods


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5 London restaurants for light(er) eating

Want to eat less indulgently but don't want to sacrifice eating out? Head to these London restaurants where you can get the best of both worlds... If you feel that way inclined

5 London restaurants that grow their own produce

Most things taste better if you grow them yourself, and these cafés and restaurants do just that