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Street Food Fight: Paella vs gumbo

Meat stew with rice or rice stew with meat? The devil is in the details when it comes to choosing between these Spanish and Louisiana delicacies. Cast your votes to help us decide...

Make Jeff Tan's home-style fried rice in king soy sauce

This homemade fried rice with Cantonese-style sausages, from the founder of Viet Food, is packed with flavour. It's quick, easy, and a supremely satisfying mid-week meal

East Asian

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Make Selina Periampillai’s sunny-side-up egg, chicken and pak choi rice bowl

Known in Mauritius as a 'bol renverséʼ, this up-side down rice dish is bursting at the seams with fragrant garlic, ginger and pak choi

Manu Canales's Wild Alaska Pollock kebab

As part of the Be Different campaign with Wild Alaska Seafood, the Le Bab head chef created an innovative kebab, made with pan-fried Wild Alaska Pollock and Persian rice

Make Casa do Frango's African-inspired green rice

This recipe from piri piri chicken experts Casa do Frango for green rice makes for an excellent vegetarian-friendly side dish.

Watch: Learn All About the Different Styles of Sake

In the second of a four-part series exploring the Japanese fermented rice beverage, sommelier Raul Diaz looks at the various different styles of sake.

For goodness' sake: behind the trend of Japan's rice wine

With a spate of Japanese restaurants opening in the capital, we thought it was time to get the lowdown on the country's famed rice wine. We get to grips with sake and a serpent


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Make Black Roe's tuna and yellowtail poké

You don't need to head to hipster restaurants to sample the latest food trend – make this simple recipe at home instead