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Make Natasha MacAller's roast lamb with turmeric and cumin

The intense flavour of slow-roast lamb gets lifted by earthy, aromatic turmeric and cumin

Make Tart London's smoked haddock and sweet potato curry

Curry is an all-weather staple, so when the sun is shining but the cravings hit, give this light, fragrant fish and fresh turmeric curry from Tart London a go

KraPow, Clapton: restaurant review

With its comforting bowls of curried coconut noodle soup from Chiang Mai and silky son-in-law eggs, Thai-specialists KraPow makes the move from street-food stall to restaurant seem effortless

Knockout Andhra-style lamb masala from Michelin-starred Trishna

Put that jar away – round here, we make curries properly. Try this killer recipe for Andhra-style lamb masala from Trishna and Gymkhana's executive chef Rohit Ghai.

Make Mira Manek's beetroot and coconut curry

This vegetarian recipe from Mira Manek takes only half an hour to get on the table – that's your next midweek dinner sorted, then

Make This: Lamb tagine with pomegranates

Given that our first experience of lamb tagine was down a dingy Marrakech backstreet, it took us a while to realise that this Moroccan staple, when cooked in pr

Make Darbaar's royal Bengal-style wild Madagascan prawns

Add a touch of luxury to your next summer barbecue with Darbaar's flavour-packed giant prawns and spicy tomato salsa

Make Jon Atashroo's grilled cauliflower florets with turmeric cashew nut butter

Caper and raisin dressing brings balance to the richness of the nut butter and gives a sweet and salty finish to the charred cauliflower