Summer is on its way, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a crisp Tio Pepe and Tonic in hand. Known as bottled Andalusian sunshine in its Spanish homeland, Tio Pepe Fino can be found at the heart of vibrant fiestas, parties and tapas feasts. The classic Tio Pepe serve – ice cold, straight from the fridge – is dry, crisp and deliciously refreshing. It’s perfect when offered chilled alongside a simple bowl of olives or salted almonds, but for something a little different, why not try mixing it up this summer – literally?

Tio Pepe and tonic is a long, fresh and sophisticated drink that's sure to impress

If you’re looking to update your classic G&T, then look no further. Citrussy, dry and lower in alcohol than gin, Tio Pepe adds a light, refreshing and lively twist to this traditional serve. Simply mix Tio Pepe to taste with your favourite tonic water, add in some ice cubes and a slice of citrus or a lemon peel garnish for a long, fresh and sophisticated drink that’s sure to impress.

Pour yourself a glass as a simple aperitif or make up a pitcher over plenty of ice to serve to friends as an ideal sundowner. It’s a delightful way to step out of the box and experience a new taste sensation. After all, isn’t life too short for the same old drink? Embrace the new and savour every moment. Tio Pepe is widely available across major supermarkets, so why not add a bottle to your basket? Throw in a lemon and some tonic and you’ll be all set to treat your guests to the serve of the summer.

Try it yourself

The recipe for the perfect T&T – this is how we drink ours...

  • 50ml Tio Pepe Fino
  • 100ml Indian tonic water
  • Plenty of ice
  • A twist of lemon peel

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