Gareth May

Gareth May


Gareth is a freelance food (and sex) journalist. When he's not stuffing offal into his mouth, he can be found extolling the virtues of OTM beef and 'real' wasabi. His favourite kind of food is British heritage (so, er, just British) and his favourite tipple is sake. His spirit animal is Sonic the Hedgehog.

Gareth May's articles

The CBD food and drink revolution has hit an all-time high

Forget about kombucha, step aside quinoa – it's a cannabis extract that's the new miracle superfood. With CBD oil popping up on food and drink menus around London and far beyond, we find out why it seems to be 2019's drug of choice

Sourcing mushrooms in the British wilderness

As mushroom season gets well underway, we speak to chefs and foragers to find out the key to successful – and safe – hunting

Could seaweed be today's answer to tomorrow's food shortage?

Seaweed is the sustainable superfood that you never knew you needed. We get to grips with the slippery stuff that’s saving our oceans, as well as our food

Future Food: what we'll be eating in 2020

Animal-free dairy products, beef without cows, insects as a vital ingredient – these concepts may seem far-fetched, but they’re closer than you think and coming to a table near you

Pearls of wisdom: discovering the UK's exceptional native oysters

When it comes to oysters, some of the best can be found right here in UK waters. We discover the finest British varieties, and how to make the most of them

For goodness' sake: behind the trend of Japan's rice wine

With a spate of Japanese restaurants opening in the capital, we thought it was time to get the lowdown on the country's famed rice wine. We get to grips with sake and a serpent

Cuppa's got a brand new bag: the rise of premium tea

It's time to put the humble builders' brew on the back burner – from oolong to sencha, tea's had an upgrade, and a swanky one at that

Virtual reality opens up a whole new world for food and drink

Last year Facebook acquired Oculus VR, makers of the Rift virtual reality headset. We get plugged in to a huge new area of potential for the food and drink industry