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Singular character: the rise of single-estate spirits

Single-estate spirits are reinventing the industry with a holistic approach to distilling inspired by the land, write Millie Milliken

That's amaro: the cult of Fernet-Branca

With a cult following and a long history, Fernet-Brance is one of Italy's chief exports. Drinks write Millie Milliken investigates

Causing a stir: the women fighting barriers to entry in the London bar scene

Bartenders in 2023 are still facing barriers when it comes to working without prejudice. Millie Milliken talks to the next generation of women pioneering for change and equity in London mixology

Why the Snowball is the perfect Christmas cocktail

The spirits writer guides us through how to perfect the underrated Christmas mix of advocaat, fresh lime and lemonade, plus twists on the classic recipe

Bean to glass: an exploration of coffee in cocktails

Coffee cocktails are having a bit of a moment, and bucking the trend of a much-loved UK favourite, Millie Milliken looks at how coffee is being used in boozy drinks beyond the espresso martini