Richard H Turner

Richard Turner


Richard H Turner is a meat consultant for Meatopia, Hawksmoor, Foxlow, Blacklock, London Union, Pitt Cue Co., Turner and George, and Foodism's meat columnist.

Richard H Turner's articles

Wondering what to do with Christmas leftovers? Let Richard H Turner help

Don't stress about what to do with Christmas leftovers. Instead, revel in the joy of festive feasts and learn how to champion your leftovers

Richard H Turner's column: on inner peace, wellness escapes and delicious tacos

It's not all about meat and whiskey for our columnist Richard H Turner – this time round he's been embracing wellness in Costa Rica, and it's whetted his appetite for more

Richard H Turner’s column: on the evolution and allure of Marrakech

Keen to escape the UK winter, and intrigued by tales of a city that’s changing, Richard H Turner heads for the intoxicating sights, scents and flavours of Marrakech

Richard H Turner’s column: cooking at the borders of Palestine and Israel

Richard H Turner heads to Israel and Palestine to find talented chefs cooking both traditional and new-school food against a deeply complex political landscape

Richard H Turner’s column: on the plight of the orangutans in Borneo

A trip to Borneo offers Richard H Turner a stark reminder of the damage done by the palm oil trade

Richard H Turner's column: on Bangkok's superlative street-food scene

Richard H Turner makes the most of a stopover in Bangkok, squeezing an epic, crab-heavy street-food tour into his short time in the city. Crustaceans, beware…

Richard H Turner's column: seeking out scallops in Sweden

Never one to miss out on a food-driven adventure, the meat expert hops on a flight to Östersund, Sweden to seek out a scallop with a serious reputation

Richard H Turner's column: the meat expert heads to Scotland

Richard H Turner heads to Scotland in search of rare, magnificent livestock and sustainable seafood. And he's not going home without a bag full of haggis, either

Richard H Turner's column: on the Cantonese sauce with the XO factor

This intrepid chef is back from a trip to Hong Kong, and he's returned laden with ingredients to make his favourite Cantonese condiment

Richard H Turner's column: on the beauty of Beirut

The globetrotting chef and author heads to Lebanon, where he finds silky hummus, theatrical cooking, and a celeb diner with her own private militia

Richard H Turner's column: on Pappy Van Winkle's legendary bourbon

What does the chef, butcher and restaurateur keep locked up in his basement? A stash of the world's most elusive whiskey, Pappy Van Winkle

Richard H Turner's column: on the power of the plant

As a butcher, steakhouse supremo and author of carnivorous cookbooks, Richard H Turner isn't going to tell you eat more plants and less meat. Is he?

Richard H Turner's column: it's time to take action

How can the restaurant industry put sustainability front and centre? Our columnist has a few ideas, but says diners are the ones who can bring about big changes

Richard H Turner's column: the meat expert takes on Hong Kong

Richard H Turner digs into spicy crab, Peking duck, suckling pig and more on a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong's street-food and restaurant scenes

Richard H Turner's column: the meat expert on the new wave of American steak

The quality of American steak has suffered in recent years, but there’s hope: our columnist meets the ranchers who are determined to make a change

Richard H Turner's column: the meat expert tells us about carnivorous carnival Meatopia

Carnivore's paradise Meatopia is back for another year this September. Our columnist tells us what he's got in store

Richard H Turner: the meat expert on barbecue

If you're thinking about cremating some burgers this weekend, read this first – our man Turner has your step-by-step guide to (almost) guaranteed barbecue success

Richard H Turner's column: Hawksmoor's executive chef on the best of spring veg

The UK is bursting with produce at this time of year, so forget imported ingredients and put a spring in your step with the season’s freshest homegrown vegetables

Richard H Turner's column: the chef on buying good quality meat

In a market that’s dominated by poor-quality meat, how can you be sure you’re buying decent produce that’s properly farmed and full of flavour?

Richard H Turner's column: the meat expert goes on a detox break in Bali

The chef, butcher, restaurateur and now Foodism columnist has a prodigious appetite for meat. So how will he get on with a week-long detox break in Bali?