Scarlett Green director Prue Freeman on celebrating Christmas in summer

Scarlett Green is the latest site from Aussie-inspired restaurant group Daisy Green. Director Prue Freeman explains what it’s like to celebrate Christmas in summer

An Aussie-inspired Christmas table at Timmy Green

Christmas – which takes place in the middle of Australian summer – has a very different feel and is quite foreign to imagine. "Baby, it's cold outside" doesn’t quite have the same ring to it that Michael Bublé may have intended in 40-degree heat!

That said, Aussies have their unique brand of Christmas, which sees hazy jacaranda blossoms replace falling snow, log fires give way to lounging deck chairs and mulled wine get an upgrade to frosé (frozen rosé) or an ice- cold craft beer. Most Australians will have a pretty big family dinner affair and much of it will involve being outside. Lots of families have barbecues where fresh seafood is heavily featured and glazed hams are an Aussie staple around the holiday season.

At its heart Australia is very eclectic in its food scene, and this is represented at Christmas when every family has a heritage dish that pulls from many different cultures. At Daisy Green, we've brought the Australian love of the outdoors and fresh produce to our festive menus, with modern Aussie culinary twists such as our fire-roasted aubergine with crispy rice, kale, miso tahini, coconut and Aleppo chilli. Our festive menu really caters for everyone and that is a big part of growing up in the Australian food scene. This inclusivity is a core theme for families in Australia and something we hope to bring to the table. That and a good pavlova, of course...

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