Ladies and gentlemen, the sun is shining and the season of charcoal-fired flavour is well and truly upon us. But having great grub in the summertime isn't always a breeze. Luckily, we're on hand to share some of the best buys to help you up your grilling game. From eco-friendly disposable barbecues and portable wood-fired ovens to super-cool wine chillers and cooking utensils, we've got you covered. 

Uuni 3 portable wood-fired oven

Want to know what your garden really needs? This sleek and sexy oven. Oh yes. It heats up to 500°C in just 10 minutes; bakes neapolitan-style pizzas in just 60 seconds; and can be used to cook everything from steaks to fish and vegetables. Mmmhm. What’s more, the Uuni 3 is portable, so you’ll never have to suffer a poorly cooked pizza again.

Casus grill

Casus Grill disposable BBQ
Cooking on a Casus Grill disposable BBQ

Say goodbye to needless metal and plastic waste with this 100% natural, biodegradable disposable BBQ made from FSC-certified cardboard and bamboo. Although a cardboard barbie sounds like a bit of a chocolate fireguard, its lava stone lining actually retains heat and reduces the risk of burns, making it our pick for single-use cooking this summer.

Gentleman’s Hardware BBQ multitool

Gentlemen's Hardware BBQ multitool

Corkscrew, bottle opener, spatula and brush: this multitool has everything you need to start a good barbie in one shiny product. Basting, beering and burger flipping? That’s everything you need to take your summer eating game up a level.

Weber iGrill Mini

iGrill by Weber

Being able to cook a steak that’s perfectly charred on the outside and delicately pink at the centre is a hard art to master. Until now. Weber has stepped up to the plate with the iGrill Mini. Place the thermometer into your steak, start up the iGrill app, and it’ll alert you when your food’s cooked to the perfect temperature. Clever, eh?

Cobb BBQ fuel stones

Cobb BBQ cobblestones

This fast-heating, smoke-free alternative to regular charcoal makes use of cornstarch and coconut shells that would otherwise just go to waste. Cobblestones are ready to cook in five minutes, and can give you up to two hours of cooking time if used with a Cobb barbecue. Pretty nifty.

Hydro Flask wine bottle

Drinking wine outdoors with the Hydro Flask wine bottle

Keep your sauvignon blanc (or water) at its optimum temperature all day long with this wine bottle-sized flask from Oregon-based cooler pioneers Hydro Flask. It’ll keep your drinks cool (or warm) for as long as you need, and let’s face it: if it’s built for West Coast USA, it can probably deal with summer in England.

Weber premium grilling stone

Weber pizza stone

Save yourself a trip to Italy by turning your Weber BBQ (either kettle or gas cooker, it doesn’t matter which) into a pizza oven with this even-heating, moisture-absorbing ceramic stone. It’ll also work for baking bread or desserts, too, meaning you can have a slice of la dolce vita any night of the week.

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