Alcohol-free beer doesn't have to taste like a glass of hay. Nirvana understands exactly that, which is why they've opened up a whole new world of great tasting alcohol-free beer for a growing movement of folks that like to have a good time while still keeping their senses intact. For the people that don't need to get wobbly to have a good time. For the people who might just want to be a bit more mindful about their post-work alcohol consumption. This year, Nirvana want to help the lovely people of London (i.e. you and your mates) have the best summer ever with its range of refreshing beers.

Nirvana is all about finding your perfect state of mind and doing things your own way. That's an ethos reflected in the product itself: each beer contains a simple selection of ingredients like hops, barley and water. No faff, and nothing unnecessary involved.

Whatever you're doing this summer, you should make sure you're living life to the fullest and discovering the potential of alcohol-free beer through Nirvana's delicious range of craft beers. They're the perfect partner to good times, good company and good food without compromising on whatever adventure you've got planned for the next morning, whether that's scaling a mountain or doing the laundry.

To get involved with Nirvana in a big way you can find them at the Big Feastival in the Cotswolds in August as well as at their own end of summer festival in Bethnal Green, before topping it all off with an alcohol-free pop-up to kick start sober October. Go and see how good beer can really be when it's alcohol-free.

Find your perfect state and savour every moment with Nirvana. Find out more about the beer brand on the Nirvana Beer website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with everything else they've got going on.