London Larder: LAND Chocolate

We've searched the far reaches of the capital to bring you the very best of London's artisanal produce – this time, it's Bethnal Green's very own LAND Chocolate

What's the product?

Academy of Chocolate award-winning bean-to-bar single-origin and single-bean chocolate bars. LAND's range is made from scratch in an old furniture maker's workshop in Bethnal Green. As small-scale, hand-crafted and, admittedly, as hipster as it gets.

Who makes it?

Ex-BBC radio producer and self-confessed sugar addict Phil Landers, who studied under chocolatier Paul A Young, and later Mast Brothers during their brief stint in Shoreditch.

What does it taste like?

There's a total of six flavours in the Land collection and we, troopers that we are, took down four of them: the Honduras Dark (70% dark), Nicaragua Dark (71% dark), Venezuelan Milk (55% milk) and the Malt Dark (65% dark). Our favourite was the single-origin Nicaragua Dark: it was supremely savoury (especially for a chocolate made by someone with Landers' sweet tooth), with notes of black olive, smoked tea and eucalyptus. In case those tasting notes didn't give it away, it's a serious bar of chocolate, designed for a chocolate connoisseur who doesn't do things by halves.

Where can I get it?

Buy online from £5.50 per (60g) bar at, or if you prefer to shop in person, find the range in selected shops around East London.