It goes without saying that food is inextricably linked to sustainability: we need it to survive, and therefore we need to take care of the planet that provides us with that food.

Right now, we’re blessed with an inspirational new wave of chefs and producers, for whom environmentally friendly techniques are an essential part of creating delicious and creative food.

The next step is to bring those ideas from London’s restaurant kitchens into our kitchens at home, which is why we’ve selected a crop of chefs to share their favourite recipes that celebrate seasonal produce and minimise waste.

There’s a late-summer salad from Anna Jones, an ambassador for the Soil Association; an easy jam recipe by preservation expert Kylee Jones; a dish using a leftover chicken carcass that’s one of the most popular items on the menu at Islington’s Chinese Laundry; and a recipe using pig spleen from nose-to-tail chef Fergus Henderson, who’s long favoured using of every last bit of the animal.

If you want to cook delicious, sustainable food at home, read on...

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