Cathy Adams

Cathy Adams

Asia correspondent

Cathy moved from London to Hong Kong because she heard she could eat all kinds of weird and wonderful things over there for half the price. She doesn't live to eat, but eats to live – which is good, given that she spends her spare time doing Very Important Things like learning Mandarin, covering China's new high-speed rail system and tracking down dogs in prams. In reality, a world in which Soylent is considered a Michelin-starred meal is somewhere she'd like to live.

Cathy Adams's articles

Flavour of the Week: Señor Ceviche

Peruvian pop-up gone permanent in Kingly Court, channelling a downtown Lima vibe with graphic posters and slouchy booths.

Flavour of the Week: HOUSE

An elegant dining room in the National Theatre, serving modern European classics.

Flavour of the Week: United Ramen

A pan-Asian, pop-up ramen joint that's found a permanent home in Angel.

Flavour of the Week: Opso

'Social' Greek food (which, for your information, means more than just hummus and slices of pitta bread).

Flavour of the Week: Blackfoot

On the site of the recently demised Clarks on foodie haven Exmouth Market is Blackfoot. And as its predecessor blazed a trail in green liquor and jellied eels,

Flavour of the Week: Tonkotsu East

It was only a matter of time before the hipsters caught on to Tonkotsu. Its Dean Street restaurant has been doling out steaming, comforting ramen for the past c

Make This: Lamb tagine with pomegranates

Given that our first experience of lamb tagine was down a dingy Marrakech backstreet, it took us a while to realise that this Moroccan staple, when cooked in pr

Flavour of the Week: Trishna

Cathy Adams pays a visit to Marylebone Village restaurant Trishna, where she discovers southwest Indian cuisine so good it gives her flashbacks.

Flavour of the Week: Boom Burger

There's something about Ladbroke Grove that just screams carnival, even when it's four months away and there's not a single can of Red Stripe hanging around the

Flavour of the Week: Five Guys

It turns out that five unknown American guys have a lot to answer for: snaking queues up Long Acre, burger comas and that cajun style seasoning that’ll keep y

Flavour of the Week: Brunch at Montagu

When talking about the New York Italian-style brunch at Hyatt Regency hotel's Montagu, though, the only brash thing will be your behaviour