Wine is an emotion for me, a never-ending journey. I have always been curious about flavour and discovered that wine offers an infinite array of notes and combinations. I arrived in London in 2012, seeking better opportunities and planning to work in IT after completing schooling in Italy.

In 2014, I began working as an operations manager for Background Bars, launching numerous venues across London and gaining insight into opening and managing establishments. While wine remained a relatively small part of my job, I felt a growing desire to focus on it. In 2019, I made the decision to leave my full-time position and go my own way.

I founded Sip Wines in January 2020, driven by the desire to combine my event organisation and wine expertise. I wanted to offer wine events to enthusiasts who might not have extensive wine knowledge and were not part of the hospitality industry, in a professional yet informal setting.

My inspiration came from wine trade tastings, typically reserved for the restaurant industry and often held on Monday mornings. I knew that many of my friends who are passionate about wine would also enjoy them, despite being in different fields.

In March 2020, I organised our first event, a success. However, the lockdowns arrived, and I had to swiftly adapt and reinvent the business plan. Sip Wines is now a stable business, selling over 700 wines. While the company primarily focuses on retail, we also supply events, weddings, and parties, and receive numerous order requests from abroad.

Through this, I discovered another aspect of this passion – the connections forged through it, creating friendships with interesting people from all around the world, each with some incredible stories to share alongside a glass of wine.