Bert Beagley-Brown of TOG Knives

Bert Beagley-Brown, founder of TOG Knives and Diplomat of a New Era 2017

The story of TOG Knives is one of precision and craftsmanship. It's one of crystal-clear vision meeting a steely unwillingness to compromise. And talking to the man behind it, Bert Beagley-Brown, you immediately understand that it's also a reflection of its founder.

When Bert, a product designer by trade, wanted to launch his own product, it was a trip to Japan that provided the impetus. Having got hands-on experience with a family-owned cutlery maker, he decided to make steel his business, and to design and produce a range of chef's knives of extraordinary quality. The result was TOG, a brand that's quickly become a household name among chefs, and whose knives are coveted by home cooks, too. "I've always loved the ceremony of preparing food," Bert explains in his Diplomat video. When using a TOG knife, it's almost impossible not to feel the same way.

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