Whether you've read our extensive guide to sake or not, we want to go one step further to whet your appetite for this ancient fermented rice drink.

That's why we asked sake expert Raul Diaz (@rauldiaz39) to tell us all about sake's ancient drinking culture over an ice-cold glass of the nation's newest favourite ferment.

Keep scrolling to watch the video and learn all about it, or read on for five fun facts we bet you didn't know.

Watch: 5 facts you didn't know about sake

1. Sake is a Japanese alcohol made from rice, water, yeast, and an important fungus called koji.

2. You might think of it or have referred to it previously as a type of wine, but in reality, it's closer to a beer, thanks to the fermenting and brewing process.

3. It's usually clear but can also be yellow or even green-tinged.

4. Sake is one of the oldest alcohols in the world, and was first served in 4,800 BC in China.

5. There are countless different types to try all with totally different characteristics, and lucky for you, we've got hundreds of venues signed up and ready to serve you with all the sakes, exclusive reader offers and one-off dishes.

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