What makes a great lager? Tradition? Carefully sourced, 100% local ingredients? Crisp, refreshing flavour? Well you're in luck, because Estrella Damm, a beer brewed at origin with Mediterranean ingredients to an original recipe since 1876, has all three.

And it's that commitment to its home city of Barcelona – its vibrant nightlife, sunshine, culture and reputation for good times – that makes Estrella Damm the true Mediterranean lager.

This beer is a pure expression of the Mediterranean – one that's brewed, kegged and bottled at origin, and pairs perfectly with sunshine and food.

Made with five quality ingredients, Estrella Damm has kept its 142-year recipe safe and ensures quality in every sip. That's why Estrella Damm employs a full-time quality trainer and a quality manager to teach staff how to keg and pour the beer to perfection.

Available on draught, in cans and in darker glass bottles that protect the beer from flavour-tarnishing light exposure 30% better than before, Estrella Damm is Barcelona in a beer. And that's surely all the reason you need to drink one or two this summer.

For more information on Estrella Damm, head to estrelladamm.com