Fast cars, popping bottles and sprawling mansions. This is not, surprisingly, the start of a flashy action movie or a sports documentary – it’s all part of the story of Ferrari Trento, the leading sparkling wine producer from Trento in the foothills of the Dolomites. Founded in 1902 by Giulio Ferrari, who spent time in Champagne learning the region’s specific sparkling wine method before bringing it back to his hometown of Trento in the north east of Italy and establishing a new appellation – Trento DOC – Ferrari Trento is a classic sparkling wine which sees chardonnay and pinot noir grapes meticulously harvested by hand and fermented before being left to age on the lees for years at a time.

In 1952, the brand ushered in a new era when it was purchased by the Lunelli family. Maintaining the winery’s commitment to making exceptional sparkling wines, the Lunelli family scaled production upward while retaining the spirit of Ferrari Trento. The wine’s new home – Villa Margon, secreted near Trento in amongst vines that grow the very grapes that go on to become the brand’s wine – is a testament to the connection this brand has with the region and the land.

While the glitz and glamour of the racetrack are all very well and good, it’s what is in the bottle that counts

While Ferrari Trento has long been a household name in Italy – and won producer of the year six times at the “The Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships” – it was in 2021 that things truly went global, making Ferrari Trento the name at the tip of every sparkling wine drinker’s tongue. Named the Official Toast of the F1® in 2021, and thus being the bottle corked on every podium from Monza to Miami, this partnership catapulted Ferrari Trento to global recognition and proved that there is space for more than just one Ferrari on the motorsports scene (the two aren’t connected – Ferrari is a common last name in Italy and the move is just an uncanny coincidence).

But, while the glitz and glamour of the racetrack are all very well and good, it’s what is in the bottle and the winery that counts, and it’s here that Ferrari Trento truly shines. In 2017, all vineyards owned by the Lunelli family were certified organic, with the goal that their partner vineyards will follow suit in the next few years. Not content with simply banning the use of chemical herbicides and fertilisers, the Ferrari Trento team have worked to actively promote biodiversity in their vineyards, something that has had positive knock-on effects for the entire region.

A bottle of Ferrari Trento is not simply a wonderful, award-winning Italian sparkling wine, it’s a distillation of this rich and varied topography with its thriving ecosystems. It’s a bottle of history – of a wine appellation born from one man’s determination and a family’s understanding of potential. Whether you’re celebrating on the podium or simply toasting the end of a long week, it’s the perfect drop for any occasion. 

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