Looking for the perfect cocktail with food? Your first drink with a meal? Look no further than Gin Mare.

Gin Mare distils and bottles the Mediterranean to export to the world, inspiring consumers to taste life differently based on the Mediterranean values of gastronomy, nature, hospitality, and connection. It is the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Gin Mare gets its name from the Latin term for the Mediterranean Sea, 'Mare Nostrum'. Translating to 'our sea', this body of water unites all countries wet by it with a unique lifestyle – one built on a mutual love for sharing food, drinks, and the events of life. 

Gin Mare bottles the essences of the Mediterranean

Gin Mare is made using traditional Mediterranean techniques, including delicate maceration and independent distillation, which expresses the characteristics of each botanical in every sip. It is truly Mediterranean by nature.

Gathered from some of the Mediterranean's rich and fertile lands, Arbequina olives, rosemary, thyme, and basil botanicals provide Gin Mare with its signature flavour. These essential botanicals, carefully selected from Greece, Italy, Spain, and France, make Gin Mare a truly Mediterranean gin that pairs perfectly with food. Cheers to that (please drink responsibly).

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