What is it?

Put, er, simply, they're big, bright, indulgently thick squares of brownie made with sustainable cocoa and free-range eggs, hand delivered straight to your door in a slim, letterbox-friendly tray of pure unadulterated joy. Kute Cake's brownies are perfect for a little treat or last-minute, delicious gift idea.

Who makes it?

Founder Iram Chaudhry, who has a PHD in Microbiology. She set up Kute back in 2015 after her daughter Zoya came into the world, and she's been baking batches of her vibrant artisan brownies and photogenic cupcakes in her East London kitchen ever since.

Kute Cake's brownies

Kute Cake's brownies

What does it taste like?

As one Foodism staff member put it, "They're fucking mental. As rich as Elon Musk." Yup. That happened. And having worked our way from the cold-brew coffee flavour to the fresh Cornetto-like strawberry, through to moreish mango and then on to a bite (or two) of creamy, aromatic mint, we are inclined to agree. Each flavour is a bit of a winner, but coffee takes the spoil on a taste and texture level; with the gooey topping and crispy nuggets just enough to push it on to gold before the others. Be warned though, one square of the stuff will apparently leave you feeling a "little heart-attacky" – although we’re pretty sure this staff member's notes just refer to the thrill of tucking into a damn good brownie after months of mediocre nibbles.

Where can I get it?

Online at kutecakes.co.uk. Word to the wise, though: one box will never be enough, so prepare yourself (and your waistline) for many a return trip.