For breakfast

It takes something special to make being dragged out of bed bearable, and we're starting our day this season with filter coffee from Ethiopia. The Hunda Oli is a collective of crop from a new farmer’s cooperative with heirloom varieties. The smallholders’ coffee is shade grown beneath old-growth indigenous trees, giving it a uniquely wild feel. Its complexity offers a delicate, crisp taste, waking you up gently with flavours of peach, apricot, lemon and jasmine. The body is light with a clean aftertaste. Filtered in a V60, you're looking at a great day ahead.


Drinking coffee at lunchtime? To an aficionado this might not be the done thing, but suspend your preconceptions and use your lunch break wisely. Cold brew coffee is our after lunch ceremony as we approach the summer. It’s a pretty special selection of coffees sourced from one farm, one variety, processed three different ways. Fincas Mierisch are our seasonal, fresh crop of coffees from Nicaragua. A 24 hour immersion in cold water yields a smooth and mellow filter-style coffee best served chilled in a cold, thick-bottommed whisky tumbler.


Port is our favourite after-supper snifter, but on a school night we opt for the somewhat traditional but classically cool espresso. It's the round-off to a coffee connoisseur’s day, aiding digestion and liquorous conversation. We're currently brewing a naturally processed Brazilian coffee called Fazenda Retiro. It's dried mainly on the tree, making the flavour less ripe when it reaches the roaster and imparting a raisin-like sweetness. It has a full-bodied, boozy style with a taste of walnut and finishes off a meal perfectly. If you can't get hold of an espresso machine, brew it short and strong in an aeropress for a full-bodied, delectably dark digestif.

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