London Larder: The Urban Cordial Company

We've searched the far reaches of the capital to bring you the very best of London's artisanal produce – this time, it's The Urban Cordial Company

The Urban Cordial Company makes cordial with bruised fruit

What's the product?

Put simply, it's a range of fruity, herby cordials. But in the way that whisky drinkers like single-barrel expressions because of the fluctuations in character and flavour, you'll notice each batch tastes different from the last. This is because they use local British produce, and therefore the recipes, and even the flavours themselves, change according to what the season provides.

Who makes it?

Londoner Natasha Steele, who grew bored of trying to find cordials she liked so decided to make them herself. She started out foraging ingredients, and found a route to market through farmers' markets and food festivals.

What does it taste like?

As you'd expect, they're great for a hit of deep, fruity flavour in a cocktail or added to soda or tonic, but they're also punchy and herbaceous – especially the apple, lemon and fennel, which benefits from an underlying, aniseed-ish tang. Try it mixed in an old fashioned instead of the standard simple syrup.

Where can I get it?

You can find them in The Ledbury, Randall & Aubin, Drake & Morgan and Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings – or, if you're keen to experiment at home, they've just launched in Selfridges. Grab yours for £7.99 for a 500ml bottle.