What's the product?

Only the peanut butter of all peanut butters – and, yes, that's a big claim. ManiLife Deep Roast was born from an accident in founder Stuart Macdonald's kitchen in Raynes Park in 2015. The previous year, while volunteering in Argentina, he discovered some seriously good peanuts growing on a family farm in Cordoba and, on his return home, he imported some and tried his hand at making his own spread. First time around he burnt the peanuts but, rather than chuck them out, created something magical in the process in the form of his award-winning dark roast.

Who makes it?

Stu and his team in their kitchen in North West London, and the Cordoban family who grow and harvest the peanuts where they're grown in Argentina. They were the first people to apply the same methods artisans apply to coffee to peanuts – aka roasting the initial product – making their spread seriously unique.

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What does it taste like?

Heaven in a jar. No, really. Imagine the maltiness of normal PB but turned up to 11 and you'll come close to ManiLife's dark roast. Getting back to normality post Christmas indulgence? The nuts are naturally sweeter and hi-oleic, meaning they're higher in good fats, too. Also available in 1kg tubs – you have been warned.

Where can I get it?

Available in Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Ocado and directly from mani-life.com, where £3.75 will buy you 295g.

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