Christy Spring

Staff Writer

Typically found with an aperitivo in hand, Christy’s personality revolves around eating branded olives, hoarding kitchenware and listening to true crime podcasts. When she’s not losing her house keys, you can find her eating for a living, scouting out the best pastries and making ceramics in the pottery studio.

Christy Spring's articles

The Barrafina Classic Tortilla

Barrafina is a name that is synonymous with good tapas in the capital, and this recipe for its iconic tortilla with an oozing yolky centre and perfectly golden exterior means you can recreate the magic at home

The Dishoom Black Daal

You will see queues outside the doors of Dishoom solely for a bowl of its iconic black daal. It's spiced, rich and totally soul-warming

Marylebone Food Festival

From Tuesday 25 April to Sunday 30 April, Marylebone Food Festival 2023 will feature a magnificent line-up of masterclasses, supper clubs, tastings and specially themed menus

Tuesday 25 April 2023 - Sunday 30 April 2023

The Ritz's Crêpe Suzette

The Ritz's crêpe suzette has been an item on the menu of the world-famous hotel restaurant for more than a century – evidence of its popularity and celebrity status. These pancakes should be flambéd at the end for maximum culinary theatrics

The Plain Egg and Milk Hopper from Hoppers

These crisp bowl-shaped pancakes are a menu staple at the much-loved restaurant Hoppers. Originating from South India and Sri Lanka, hoppers can be served plain or as an accompaniment to curries and sambols

Five Favourite Cookbooks from London Chefs

Recreate the magic of your favourite London restaurants at home, with our five favourite cookbooks by London chefs. From a River Cafe pastry prodigy to the head chef at St John, get ready to gain some serious culinary credentials.

The Quo Vadis Eel Sandwich

This legendary eel sandwich recipe is one of Jeremy Lee's signature dishes and is a favourite among diners at Soho's iconic Quo Vadis

Six national finalists announced for the Roux Scholarship 2023

Following the regional finals which took place in London and Birmingham, the Roux Family have revealed the names of the six chefs who will be competing for the title of Roux Scholar 2023.

Koya's English Breakfast Noodles

The Koya English breakfast noodles are a fan favourite and go down in legend for destroying hangovers and warming souls. This anglo-Japanese dish, combines the very best of a traditional Japanese breakfast with an English fry up

Bentley's Proper Shellfish Cocktail

This proper English shellfish cocktail is a classic dish at Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill, packed with the freshest crab, prawns and lobster tails. It's a particular favourite of owner and chef patron, Richard Corrigan