Growing up with mixed-nationality parents and living in several countries, I was exposed to lots of sweets and desserts from a young age. Both sides of my family are fantastic cooks and bakers, so I took an interest and learned how to do both. That's where my passion for baking began.

Unicorn cake by Sweet Elements

Unicorn cake by Sweet Elements

I worked in marketing for ten years, first in the film and television industry and then in the property sector. For years I baked cakes just for friends and family, but it gets to a point in life when you ask yourself what is important, and for me it was doing something that I'm passionate about. In 2010 I attended a sugar craft course – that was when I started to think about baking as a career.

It took another four years until I was actually able to quit my job in 2014 and leave the nine-to-five. I applied to Le Cordon Bleu culinary school, which polished my baking skills and give me a real chance at becoming a professional pastry chef.

My first job was at the world-renowned Savoy hotel. Coming from a corporate background, being thrown into a kitchen and working for 12 hours straight was a shock to my system. I realised I should have maybe started this baking career at 20, not at 30, so I decided I wanted to start a cake and dessert catering business of my own.

No day is ever the same: I'm always creating new cake designs, testing new flavours, researching new ideas – the list is endless. Nothing is impossible to recreate on a cake, in fact, that's a key part of my culinary and artistic motivation. The most rewarding part of my job is when I see the expression on my clients' faces, and the wonderful comments I receive from them.

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