Wondering what to do with your meat at Christmas? Chef Tom Griffiths has got some handy tips

Here, chef Tom Griffiths of nose-to-tail restaurant Flank, shares the importance of sourcing great-quality meat, what to do with the leftover bits and how to find the most sustainably-reared animal, in the first place

What to do with your meat at Christmas: Expert tips from Flank's Tom Griffiths

It's an age old question—what should you do with your meat this Christmas? Stuff the chicken inside the goose inside the turkey? Leave whichever bird you go for resting for two hours pre-carving it? Swerve the meat altogether and opt for a nut roast instead?

Don't worry, we're on it. Foodism asked chef Tom Griffiths of London nose-to-tail restaurant Flank for his top tips for sourcing sustainable meat, getting a good deal in the process and making the most of your meat this Christmas time. You're welcome. 

What to do with your meat this Christmas

1. Think about what bird you can use most of

I always cook duck at Christmas – it's the daddy of the birds. I tend to buy a couple and use the crowns on Christmas Day, served slightly pink, and whip the legs off and keep them for Boxing Day.

2. Check traceability

The most important thing is to check traceability – you want to know it's completely factory-farm-free.

3. Shop local

My advice is to hit your local farm shop, or go online because most decent places can deliver. Swaledale in Yorkshire supply our meat, as well as places like Quality Chop House and St. John. They can also post to you.

4. Lean on your butchers knowledge

When it comes to choosing the most ethical meal, it's all to do with supply and demand. The huge amount of turkeys we consume has led to high-intensity farming. I wouldn't touch those turkeys lobbed into a freezer in your supermarket for a fiver. If your budget isn't huge, use cheaper cuts from the butcher. It might take a little more work but the results are incredible and you won't break the bank.

5. Think about embracing plant based

I'd suggest not using cheap supermarket meat, and still going to your local butcher or buying cheaper cuts and eating plant based more often. Save your money, have a more balanced diet, and treat yourself to some incredible meat now and then.

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